Logic Pro X Effective Trap Melodies Guide | Tutorial 04

Ever tried to get into hip hop and more specific to Trap Productions ? It’s really easy to be influenced by new, innovative forms of musicianship. Trap is getting it’s recognition therefore music producers want to get to know it better, but are you up to the challenge to make great melodies for trap beats and tracks ?

We did went out to discover a great tutorial from CJ Beats where he speaks and explains best guidelines how to get over great trap productions, everything is very detailed and in-depth talked our tips and tricks for advanced and beginner music producers. If you are really interested in seeing the whole process, making of great melodies for trap, everything is made in beat maker plus couple of great plugins and VST’s. Every producer should watch this brilliant masterclass. If you find this very interesting, entertaining and knowledgeable give CJ recognition and sub to his channel and keep them comments flowing.